• For the comprehensive care of
    your genitourinary system
    Quality Care with special privileges
  • Safeguard Your Kidneys
    and the rest of your genitourinary system
    The kidney care centre is a centre for comprehensive care of the human genito-urinary system.
    Here you could meet all the experts dealing with this system and receive appropriate and
    comprehensive guidance regarding the care of any disease pertaining to this system.

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At present, the centre provides only outpatient care on site

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Centre for comprehensive care of the human genito-urinary system.

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The centre is open from monday to saturday from 8.30 am to 6 pm. However consultation is strictly by appoitment only.
For appointment please contact 09061566999


Genitourinary System

The Genital System : The organs involved in the sexual and reproductive functions of the human body. The Urinary System : Consist of organs with the following three vital functions of the human body 1) Maintenance of the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body - a balance which is so delicate and vital that any major imbalance would be incompatible with life 2) Excretion of the metabolic wastes from the human body 3) Few hormonal functions which affects the blood production, blood pressure, calcium balance etc.

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our Departments

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Nephrology is the super-speciality dealing with the medical care of the kidney diseases. It deals with prevention and treatment of kidney diseases and manages the patient in kidney failure.

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This is the super-speciality wing dealing with the surgical care of kidney diseases. Thus patients with kidney stones, kidney tumors etc. will be treated here. Sometimes, renal failure is caused by obstruction to the outflow of urine.

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Andrology is the sub-speciality of urology dealing with the male reproductive organs. Male patients with infertility, sexual disorders or any complaints pertaining to these organs are dealt under this wing

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